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To request minutes from a Speak Out Brevard Board of Directors meeting, please send an email to admin@speakoutbrevard.com with your name and the meeting date.

Tess Martin, President

Tess works as a freelance writer by day, which pays enough of the bills to let her put on her activist cape at night. Before the 2016 election, she made sure to vote (even in midterm elections!), but kept mostly to herself, never getting involved in anything even remotely political. That all changed last November.


Now there isn’t a spare moment you won’t find her at a meeting, canvassing in her precinct, registering voters, planning an event, or researching issues and legislation. She cares deeply about the issues of equality for all, reproductive rights, separation of church and state, the environment, education, and comprehensive campaign finance reform.


Dedicated, dogged activism is hard for a lifelong introvert, but in the current political climate, speaking out is no longer a choice. It’s a moral imperative.


Email Tess at tmartin@speakoutbrevard.com

Tess Martin
Jazzie Hennings, Treasurer

Jazzie Hennings, Vice-President

Jazzie has long followed politics, but it wasn’t until the recent election that, like many, she decided to get involved.


Jazzie aims to leave the world a better place for her two sons by helping to elect progressive candidates who will take care of our environment and bring social equality to our county, state, and country. She wants her children, and their children, to be handed a cleaner, freer and more sustainable world than she inherited.


Email Jazzie at jhennings@speakoutbrevard.com

Trudi Onek, Treasurer

Trudi has a diploma in Sound Recording from the College for Recording Arts in San Francisco and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Central Florida. She has always enjoyed volunteering; whether it was helping her mom canvass for candidates while in elementary school, helping to provide clean drinking water to rural villages in Haiti or serving on the boards of local charities. Trudi is currently employed by Brevard Public Schools as a high school bookkeeper.


Trudi’s daughter Hannah has inspired her to re-engage in politics after the 2016 election. Hannah and Trudi met in Washington DC for the Women’s March, Hannah taking a bus from college in Brooklyn and Trudi taking a bus from Melbourne. Since then they have both been active in their respective local activism.


Email Trudi at tonek@speakoutbrevard.com

Trudi Onek
Vicki Humphries

Vicki Humphries, Secretary

Vicki moved to Brevard County when she was 21.  As a new resident, she registered as a Republican.  In the following years, Vicki started a family, became involved in community service, worked in the legal profession, yet never really understood or connected with her chosen party.


It was during the Barack Obama presidency that Vicki began to agree with policies, appreciate the direction the White House was headed globally, and finally feel a connection.  It was after the November 2016 election when Vicki found her home in politics here with Speak Out Brevard.


Email Vicki at vhumphries@speakoutbrevard.com

Erin Watson, Member-at-Large

Email Erin at admin@speakoutbrevard.com

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